2021 Review part 1/3


We moved house, so the month was taken up with sorting, packing, signing, and taking boxes and bags of stuff to the studio “for now, to keep it safe”… ending up on the top shelves, still waiting for me to deal with! (I still haven’t)

It’s been a busy year, focussing almost totally on the Drawing Songs project.

In amongst it all has been covid testings, vaccinations, staying in, working from home, working outdoors… it made things more difficult, but I still got things done.


Looking back at my diary February seemed to be the month of zooming. After moving house, I needed to refocus on the project. So I had mentoring sessions with Sarah Goudie, chats about the music with Michael Clarke, about the project photography and video with Laura Rhodes.  I also was well supported by my a-n blog writing peers Kate Murdoch and Stuart Mayes, and we started talking about long term/long form blogging, as my tenth blogging anniversary approached.


I had my 60th birthday. None of the planned celebrations could happen. I think I had a bit of a slump. But I was kept going by the prospect of the half-way point online show for Drawing Songs, hosted by Glitterball Showroom in Sweden. So chuffed to be asked to be the inaugural online exhibition. It was a great way to assess how things were progressing, I uploaded a few songs in progress, and several drawings… a really good milestone… thank you Stuart!



The Drawn In exhibition was launched, and I hosted a table on The Discussion Festival to discuss it. My table was well attended, and much conversation about mixing up the media and having a broad practice.

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