Melodic and Melancholic

Blogging is a weird beast… 

Either you have plenty of time to blog, but nothing to blog about, or so much going on you haven’t got time to blog!

This afternoon I find myself with a small window of opportunity: I’ve done some things, waiting for other things to come back to me… I’ve recorded some more things, some vocal re-recordings to be honest. I was not happy with the first lot. I find recording myself difficult. There’s so much to think about that it seems the last thing I concentrate on is my voice. Whereas when I am in Michael’s studio, he does all that, and I stand up to the mic and concentrate on the singing. Much better! We will be back to that arrangement soon hopefully.

Also, I commissioned the wonderful Simon Smith to play some double bass for me… deep, bowed, melodic and melancholic… to insert into the mid section of one of the songs. It’s as if there’s a breath and a heartbeat and a soulful longing in there. I can’t wait for it to be knitted into the mix…

There’s also that waiting that everyone is doing at the moment, waiting for things to open. For another step closer to normal life, or at least a life where we can be in the same space as other people, and talk properly… sing and play together again.

The online exhibition Drawn In with Glitterball Showroom in Enköping, Sweden seems to be going well… evidenced by loads of website clicks, and Soundcloud plays. Small, but gratifying clues to interaction.

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