Three Pages

Three Pages

The words/ideas have to go somewhere. They come as thoughts that are sometimes visual, sometimes I hum, sometimes I write, draw… whatever… they just come.

But they’re not always in a specific form… they are often amorphous. So I don’t always know if the thought is a drawing or a song or a poem or a blog post. Sometimes they are thoughts that haven’t decided. It’s great if I wake up knowing it will be a drawing sort of day, or a lyrics day.

… the words… I have many ideas about language and thought. Which comes first? Do I give words to the ideas because I have language? Or does the language mix itself up in my head and entwine to create the ideas? I do know that some words hang about in the front of my mind waiting for others to turn up, to make something interesting…

What I have decided to do, following the example of a good friend, is to write three pages every day without purpose. Just write. Not for a blog, a song, or poem… and then the words that swim about are parked and have a home until they have the space to become something else. Or not. Mostly not. But the muscles are worked, the synapses fired. The words are there. I have no idea what effect this will have: whether it will clear my brain, order my thoughts; inspire more writing in other more public-facing areas… no idea.

Yesterday’s three pages turned out to be about friendship.

Some days, I have a head full of friends. There ought to be more words for love. Different sorts of love. For those friendships that build you up and hold you tight when you feel lost.  Three pages of that I think eventually will give birth to a song, and might affect which ink and pen I choose… 

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