Six days later…

Six days later…

I’ve abandoned the green monstrosity. I may chop it up for collages or something at a later date…

Yesterday the opposite happened.

Over the weekend I cut another narrow strip and laid some paint down. I’ve been using a combination of Indian red and alizarin crimson, in various proportions and it gives this lovely rich skin and blood colour…

I put the paint on the paper first thing on Saturday morning, then spent the day in the gallery with a load of families and a bunch of brownies for our Big Draw day (there’s another on October 19th).

When I returned to the paper at 4pm there was an intriguing series of gaps… thoughts of spines and slipped discs came to mind… constrictions…

So on Monday I had a good few hours on it. This time it just seemed to go how I wanted it to… tight bands and then a bursting out… pressure and release. It was feeling good to do it and I like the results. This is the best it has felt… this is what I’m aiming for. The feeling while I am doing it is important, not just how it looks when it is finished.


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