Why is it Always Jason Statham?

These drawings… on Valentine’s Day … they’re all about love. They’re as much about love as they could possible be.

Some days I forget. Some days I wrangle and wrestle and even slice bits off. But it’s still about love. Love isn’t easy really is it? Not in the real world. Love in the real world contains everything else. All the negative emotion and struggle is balanced and held and trudged and waded through for love. Pain is endured and witnessed through eyes with love. Love holds all of the hope.
Even when you think it is dead, it’s absence is outlined… the chalk line around where it lived marks it.
When I forget that they are about love, they are harder to get right. The minute I try to make them Drawings… I lose them.
I’ve had a couple of days away from the studio. I’ve mucked about with some digital pieces. Digital pieces might look good, but other than that they don’t give back. A digital piece is me watching Jason Statham getting a nice clean white shirt out of the boot of his car.
A drawing with paper and paint and pencil is a lover in my bed.

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