The Exhibition

Well here we are then!

This is one of those all singing all dancing business posts…

The Exhibition times are set, and the events are planned and on Eventbrite for anyone who would like to book. It does seem weird to book a place for a PV, but we are in weird times right? It’s free, but just a way to monitor the numbers in the space. All the events are free too.

So… the PV is on the evening of Saturday 23rd October here:

On the afternoon of Sunday 24th October I will be doing a live acoustic set of some of the songs with Michael Clarke, my co-writer and producer. That link is here:

On the afternoon of Saturday 30th October I will be doing a live drawing and sound performance with Bill Laybourne. That link is here:

This year long project is done now. Except of course it isn’t. The project actually started several years ago. Some of the lyrics were written in 2017. The drawings have evolved over the last five years, and all that happens is that when you set up an exhibition, you actually are taking a snapshot, a view from a point along a line of organic development. 

I think that is possibly one of the tricks when applying for funding… to align what you are funding within your continuing practice. Yes it is a project, a discrete body of work, certainly, but sitting happily among what was before and what will come after.

I think I might measure the success of a project through what it starts. Have I made work that sparks new thoughts? Have I met and worked with people I didn’t know before? Can I see new possibilities from the vantage point of the exhibition space? The answers are Yes, Yes, and Yes. 

I’m really looking forward to hanging the work next week, and playing the music into the space where it hangs. I’m really looking forward to showing it and playing it to others. 

But now, I think what I’m really looking forward to is sitting back, letting it all sink in and filter through, and let it do its thing.

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