The shape of it starts to loom out of the fog…

My last blog post showed me doing loads of stuff, these things are now done, and things have settled down a little bit. Maybe. To be honest it is a bit of an illusion. Because I have now started to think about what my final show/event/exhibition thingy will look and sound like, and what I need to do to get there.

The dates of this will be 23rd October to 7th November if you want to make a note now, although it will be all over social media like a rash when everything is confirmed. 

The drawings are the easy bit. I need to get a few more of the recent works mounted, and/or framed. So once decided, off we go. And I have quite a few done already, that have been previously shown at the RBSA, but it will be good to put all sorts up together too, to show a progression and the development of ideas. 

The songs are coming along nicely too. Eight out of the proposed twelve are finished: Mike and I have a list of things to do in order the finish the remaining four.  This will undoubtedly require a trip to Devon, which I’m really looking forward to! A working holiday/mini-break thing. Fab.

I have decided to commission Bill Laybourne to create a sound piece, using the stems of the song recordings, for me to draw to LIVE! With an audience … if people do indeed want to come and watch such a thing. I shall do a Drawing Songs workshop, and an Artist Talk too. That’ll do I think. 

And then no doubt the post project evaluation and subsequent slump. Just in time for Christmas!

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