Faith and Flying

a) There are times when you are working on a “project” (funded or otherwise) when you wonder what the hell you are doing.

b) There are times when you are working on a “project” (funded or otherwise) when you feel you are flying.

I have had plenty of a) since this time last year… with occasional glimpses of the blue sky. But this week I really feel I could, with a prevailing wind, feel it under my wings and take off!

I need to be brave though, or it won’t happen… I could safely go with what I know… or I could reach out to something new and take a leap of faith…

I truly believe though, at the moment, that safe is not an option. Safe is a step backwards. If I’m going to get anywhere I do need to step out, chin up, take a deep breath…

This week I tentatively sent out some music into the world, to a select few folks I trust to be both kind and honest. What came back has blown me away… I am thrilled with the reception these first few pieces of music have had… and it’s given me a huge boost of confidence to make that bigger step. To think bigger, wider, step closer to the edge, start conversations… and to do so with a real sense of belonging here… as a long term sufferer of Imposter Syndrome, this is a great feeling!

Alarms (written and produced in collaboration by Elena Thomas and Michael Clarke)

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