Answering Questions (and asking some more)

One thought I had is that it’s all becoming a little more SPECIFIC.

Yes, it probably is still about touch, influence, cause and effect and so on… but the morphing continues.

The morphing of materials and the morphing of thoughts.

Chicken and Egg.

When I look at it honestly this morning I am actually seeing things more figuratively. It’s like a life drawing. It’s like a botanical drawing, a biological diagram. (An engineering drawing?… no… too soft)

It’s a nod to where I was two years ago.

I’m modelling the internal landscape of an ageing body. It’s a map to my creaking joints and disintegrating cartilage. It’s a sort of endoscopic exploration of things going wrong. It’s an expression (or an illustration?) more and more, an investigation on paper of why I feel like I do.

I said, when I started talking about abstraction in the Cause and Effect podcast that it was allowing me to dig deeper. I thought I meant intellectually, but I’ve never been particularly intellectual, so is it more physical, experiential?

I’m not operating on myself… but I’m imagining what it might look like if I did. I once watched my own carpal tunnel surgery. We are just a bundle of plumbing and electricity.

So am I drawing the imagined schematics? Perhaps I think if I draw the faults and failings I can also engineer the remedied and fixes? Or as if visualising the bone-on-bone action of my knees I can also imagine, draw, and stitch the impossible regrowth of cartilage cushions?

As I look at the wall of drawings on paper, I’m also looking through the cages of wire drawings. supporting, shoring up, tying together, holding still and safe…

There’s something here to do with mending.

Draw the fault, plan the fix, medicate, adapt the appliance…

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