Connected, Unconnected, Disconnected…

I find I am revisiting the drawings, writing and words spoken in the making of Cause and Effect last year, and finding them prophetic here and there. Can hindsight be prophetic? I can tangle myself in words if I’m not careful.

(A memory comes to mind, of my father, saying in deep and slightly broken English “I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken”)

We are seeing unfolding before us dramatically, a tangled unseen web of connection, of Cause and Effect. I watch with a morbid fascination. How do some people know how and where they caught this terrible virus? How does it pass through some people unseen and unfelt, then move on to others who then die? How terrible a thing to know the effect you have had, just by being in the same place, touching the same surface.

My work over the last ten years or more has been about the glancing blow, the whisper, the deep effect had by a word, the slightest touch. 

So I am looking at the photos and words in previous posts, and wondering how the present might effect changes on future work.

I have written a response in lyrics, already put to music via email, wetransfer, zoom, GarageBand, using phones and laptops and dictaphones… isolated, but not. 

I’m wondering also how drawing can also be changed, communal, interactive and collaborative, when the paper and the space isn’t shared…

I pay the rent on my studio, wondering if I will want to use it in the same way when I get back in to it…

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