Away and Home


I’ve had a couple of days away in York. Much needed I have to say.

It’s refreshing being somewhere else, away from the domestic and away from the studio for a while. But not too long.

I’m now itching to get back to it. The exhibition was a break in making, and so was the mini holiday with family, and an unexpected trip to York Art Gallery to see Sounds Like Her… an exhibition of women artists using sound in a variety of ways. Opinion was mixed, and it was discussed… I’m still filtering much and while some pieces were appreciated, liked, others were not. But it always takes me a while to articulate these things.

So… recharged by the change… I return in time for the PV of the new General Office exhibition Face to Face. I’ve seen photos on facebook, but I need to get there to have a good nose…

And then back into the studio.

I have that large drawing waiting for me, and I am wondering if I will look at it differently after the break. I do feel on the cusp of something… showing my work always does that. It’s those conversations that you have… the thoughts they provoke. Some of them confirm your thoughts and others question. Both are good. I’m considering the text again… and the lines, and the forms they delineate…

I feel in need of a good old-fashioned meaty crit!

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