Hanging and Hanging Out

Cause and Effect is at the half way point… and I am feeling relaxed… I’ve actually had a normal amount of sleep the last couple of nights!

When I look around the gallery now, I do see a clean and simple hang. There is space to see these large drawings, and enough small detail to draw in the viewer. I’m satisfied. 

There’s so much hard work involved in getting this to look easy, and I am so lucky to have the General Office team to support… Shouting out to Simon Meddings, Exhibition Design Superstar and Sarah Goudie Art Mentor and All-Round Guru particularly.

I have had conversations throughout the week with people about what constitutes a drawing, and why I don’t consider these works paintings, or myself a painter. Pushing boundaries and definitions is interesting…

Having a large solo exhibition does help you look at the work differently. Having the best works from the last year up on the walls together gives insight into how the themes bend and stretch and what is solid, and what needs work. Even if nobody else sees it you get that… but when other people do see it, somehow you see things through their eyes. It becomes possible to see where and how they are accessing the work… what strikes a chord. It’s also interesting that the small amounts of collaged text draw people in close, they read, then step back and look again. Then some look again at the works from earlier that don’t have any text. Interesting.

The PV evening was lovely… Lots of people I hadn’t seen for ages, some familiar regulars and a sprinkling of people I didn’t know – perfect combo! The band (The Sitting Room) played a set in the middle of the evening and that felt just right too. The band were astonished that the art audience were so well behaved, and attentive listeners… we don’t get that often and it is lovely! It’s great when someone comments on the lyrics, because they have listened carefully… it’s brilliant when they compliment the vocal harmonies that we have worked hard on. I introduced the set as an opportunity to listen to some more drawings… there was a strange “hmmm/ooh?” Sort of response. Nice.

So this week I will be sat in the gallery space to receive visitors, and chat if they want to. I’ll have my note book with me, and my small sketch book. The experience has already sparked ideas in my head what I want to do when this comes down. One thing being that I’d like it to go into a different space… Any ideas?

EDITED TO ADD: I’m doing an Artist Talk Q&A thing at the end of the run on Sunday 18th August 3-4 at General Office… if you’d like to come please book through Eventbrite. It’s free, but I’d like to know how much cake to bake!



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