Elevated and Motivated

Oh my it was a good gig.

I am currently obsessed with The Little Unsaid. They shouldn’t be too alarmed though. It’s just a thing I do when I find an artist that touches something and ties itself to what I’m doing. I binge-listen to try to find the essence of it.
Their album Imagined Hymns and Chaingang Mantras is played on repeat in the studio, as I draw. Recommended Listening. Five Stars.
As I draw, phrases both lyrical and musical, jump into my ears, get mixed in with my thoughts about pain/death/love/sleep/sex and end up at the end of my pencil and get mashed into my paper.
Watching live music from such is both elevating and depressing. My soul soars as I watch/listen and get right into it. Lost/found.
Depressing is the wrong word. I’ve been neglecting my own music while this current drawing work envelopes me….while I wrestle with what it is.
Neglect is also the wrong word, because last night among the aural rather than visual, I now understand.
It has in fact been waiting for me.
I have a handful of Elena-songs (as opposed to band-songs) that are sat on a park bench, feet in frosty fallen leaves, face up to the watery autumn sun.
“Ah! There you are!” They say…
“Are you ready yet?”

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