Head in the Sand

It’s easier to blog if you keep blogging.

But if for some reason it drops for a while it can be difficult to know where to start again.

The reasons for not blogging are many and varied, but basically it comes down to my head being full of turmoil. We have been given notice to move out of our amazing studios at the end of August… this has been on the cards for a while, but being a head in the sand sort of person, I’ve been in denial, hoping it wasn’t really going to happen. There are other arrangements in the pipeline that may or may not materialise, we shall see… but it looks like whatever happens, I’m going to have to store stuff and move back home to work for a while. This is not a long term stategy that works for me any more, so something will need to be “fixed”.

The work with Sonia Boue on the Museum for Object Research is being researched. Thank goodness we didn’t just dive in and do the first thing we thought of, because actually that wouldn’t have worked. This is an ambitious project that requires lots of thinking, and organising, and even organising HOW we organise and work together, if it is to be a success. The Research and Development money from ACE has been exactly that and has been invaluable time and money.

The work being done and thought about by the artists in the group is proving extremely interesting… an ever-expanding venn diagram of possibilities! It is also great to actually meet people and have real-time conversations, either in person, or over Skype. Loving those connections… it’s those connections that made us want to do this in the first place.

Please visit the ever-growing website to see progress.

We are coming to the end of this year’s Artist Teacher Scheme, which I’ve been involved with for the last few years, actually on a regular basis since doing it myself, and an increasing amount as time has gone on. This looks like it might be the last one in the current shape, things are changing… It looked like I was going to lose a couple of separate chunks of income, but actually, other things have snuck up on me and slotted into place, so hopefully I won’t be destitute yet awhile!

The Artist Teacher Scheme is a special thing though, and I’m hoping one of the things that has popped up in the gap will go some way to fill it, although there may need to be another something to take it a little further. It hasn’t always been all women who do it, but a very high proportion. This is where I feel my experience and expertise and my drive lies. Women returning and engaging with their art practice, after so many twists and turns in their lives, are amazing. The enthusiasm with which they dive in is only equalled by their self-effacing, hesitant nature, a sort of tenacious caution… grasping for something… plugging away at it when they sometimes can’t see what they are aiming at. It can take courage in the light of other people’s scepticism and indifference, to keep at it. Coming through this process can be very difficult, personally and professionally. This modest little course has changed lives. I hope, that in its absence, I can do other things that provide similar stimulation and opportunities for growth.

My own work developments will feature in the next post, this is quite enough for now!


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