Busy Women

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So, it shouldn’t surprise me every time, but it does.
You put work up in a different environment and it changes it.
I’ve just hung up seven of the nine bras from Nine Women in my studio. I would like it to stay up for the Open Studios Weekend, but I shall live with it for a while before finally deciding.
Previously, they have hung in the traditional empty white room. They have space, they communicate with each other. In the studio, they are surrounded by my work, stuff on the walls, the trappings of the artists’ space… Bookshelves, equipment, materials, furniture. Suddenly these women look busy now. Somehow they seem even more present, and part of my space. I have already started talking to them. It will be interesting to see if Sarah talks to them too. (After all, she talks to the pigeons, so she probably will.)

I attach below a few photos, which seem strange to me, it is difficult to make out what is going on, as there is no still, plain background

I also attach a poster of our event, please feel free to circulate this to anyone who might like to come. If you are a blog reader, and you turn up, please do come and introduce yourself, I’ll be there all weekend, and my band The Sitting Room are performing on the Saturday afternoon.


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