Obfuscation and Revelation

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I think my brain has a special filter that keeps things from me sometimes. It squirrels away on something, keeping it guarded behind materials and stitches until a piece is completed. Then when it’s been dealt with I stand back and say to myself

“…..oh shit…. I didn’t know it was about THAT!”

The same has happened with song lyrics that I park in my note book, to visit a year later when someone else comes up with a musical motif that fits…. And I see myself, sometimes my deepest thoughts revealed to me. Thankfully they are usually obfuscated in metaphor so others don’t guess…. But I have been known to have to sit with my head out of the window hyperventilating….

And then, sometimes, the path is clear, I know what I’m thinking and why and how. At the moment I’m
spending every possible hour at the studio. I’m making and listening, and reading. I can feel the path beneath my feet, and on the ends of my fingers.

Sarah has given to me an essay that her aunt Amanda Hale wrote, called “Imagining a Geometry of the Soul” and I am fixed in my seat reading and re-reading…
I will attempt to attach a photo of the abstract for you to read, and also track down if you are interested.

The idea of “soul-making and soul-guidance as a collaboration between the temporal self and AN ENDURING PART OF THE SELF” (my capitalisation) is a striking concept.
Also, talk of a “dynamic between fiction and non fiction, biography and autobiography” has me reeling…

I tell these tales of people that weave between my life, my mother’s, and conversations I hear in the street. I make work that deals with the effect these people (mostly women) have on each other, the enduring part of self…

Amanda talks also of being placed so that dots can be connected. As I read this essay, I am convinced that Sarah invited me to share her space so that I could read this essay and connect a few more dots………… Thank you…….


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