“The Trousers Of Time” (nodding at Terry Pratchett)

I think the thing that causes blogging to halt, for me at least, is the element of control. At the moment I don’t appear to have much! We have been given notice to move out of our glorious Victorian studios by the end of August. At the moment, we don’t have anywhere to move to… although its not for lack of trying! I am mentally preparing to move all the gear back to home. Plotting which items of furniture can go into the shed, and which things can go into the garage, and which are the more valuable that must be in the house, and of course, how the f*ck can I carry on working, and on what! If we don’t find somewhere to move straight to, there will be considerable shuffling at home to accommodate. If the period without studio is longer than a few weeks, I will need to reassess………… This is giving me a big headache. How can I plan if I have no place?

Hence… sparse blogging… I can’t talk about anything properly, as we are stuck in the trousers of time not knowing which leg to go down (A nodded wink to Terry Pratchett) I could blog options A & B, with a side bar of C, but anything could happen!

I am telling myself I am lucky to have been able to work in such a space for a year, with and without Sarah Goudie. And so I am. Each new space brings its own qualities to the work, so I am trying to retain my naturally optimistic nature, whilst crying into the quilt on the back of my chair.

Other work is also of my control. I wait with baited breath to see how many students enrol here and there, to then discover will I have one session? Six? Every week for a year, or more likely in this economic climate, none. I have confidence: naive, blind, idiotic confidence that “something will turn up” but just because it has in the past, doesn’t mean it will now!

So there we are… I’m not in control of anything. Apart from that which I stitch. So I stitch… and stitch… and stitch.


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